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Silk Face Masks
Silk Face Masks
Silk Face Masks
Silk Face Masks
Silk Face Masks

Silk Face Masks

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Non Medical Face Masks 

After months of Covid-19 news, isolated at home I began to wonder when it would be safe to go out and what I would need. I imagined being wrapped up in layers of plastic and a full plexi- helmet. But how safe and realistic is this? I am immuno-compromised, and I worried how I could keep myself safe. Masks are important but they are in short supply. After reading the research, I realized that not all masks are not created equally.

In a report to the University of Chicago research concluded that a combination of two layers, one of the silk and one of cotton filtered most of aerosol particles 80-99% with performance close to N95 mask. The silk holds a static charge and can serve as an electrostatic barrier.

I designed & made these silk face masks in limited quantities.

Hand Made with Love & A Force for Change.

New Natural fabrics- 100% silk on outside, 100% cotton on inside

Elastic ear loops easy to put on and off, wash in cool water with dish soap, squeeze dry, iron only on cotton side and avoid ironing elastic loops.

Design Modern Times Abstract Original design. No two exactly alike. Each one original.

Average face size, approximately 5" from chin to side of the ear. For bespoke sizes please contact directly.

Comes with portable travel see through bag -sealed.


Also from our sales, we donate face masks to our community including children www.amazingmosspark.ca